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Top 10 'Bird' Moments in Sports


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Here I thought this had something to do with Michale Vick's flipping the bird this weekend. Regardless, I enjoyed the video.

I especially liked the last one...did that actually cost him a stroke?

Golf Digest: March 2003,

In 1998, a sea gull swooped down and took Steve Lowery's ball off the green and tried to fly away with it. But the ball fell out of the bird's beak into the water. Under Rule 18-1, Lowery was allowed to replace the ball and return it to its original position on the green without penalty. But because the PGA Tour enforces the one-ball rule (Appendix I, part C), Lowery could have been disqualified if he hadn't had another of the same brand and type of ball. He did.

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oh man that would have been funny if it was a penalty and he had to drop and drive again like any other ball landing in the water.

I had always wondered what the ruling was for that. I did some checking and I found out he could put the ball in the same spot on the green, but he would have been DQ'ed had he not replaced the ball with one of the same brand and make.


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