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2009 Washington 'Redskins' concept.


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Okay, I originally posted this in Throwback's NFL Graphic outlook thread, but seeing how it got absolutely zero comments on the actual concept, as opposed to the name there. I'm reposting it here in search of some C & C from the fine folks of the CCSLC.

Here's the original post, which includes my justifications for the design decisions I took

Here's my concept for the 2009 Washington Warriors (formerly the Redskins)

I just want to explain that this is not what I would want to see them in, but I think that if they ever lose lawsuits regarding the name 'Redskins' being offensive to Native Americans, then The Daniel would likely change the name to the alliterative 'Washington Warriors' as that contains a similar meaning.

I also feel that the colors, logos and wordmark font would stay the same in order to tie in to an identity that's been established since 1937.

However, I think that Adi-Bok would use it as a chance to redesign the uniforms. What with the current flavor of the month being for piping & side-panel heavy, and 2009 not being the distant future, I feel that the apparel maker would go in a piping/panel direction.

As to the white pants, I personally detest the 'Skins in white pants, but Gibbs seems to love them and he'll likely be in the front office somewhere by 2009, so that's his influence.

I moved the sleeve stripes to the shoulders as an acknowlegment that sleeves are fast disappearing from football jerseys, and I added the secondary logo on the pants because I like pant logos.

It's a little rushed, being only a few hours work, as I was pushed for time, and I still don't know illustrator that well.

Here's the concept:


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No problems with what you did -- I think it looks fine. While I'm not a fan of the piping and side panels, your explanation of why you did what you did makes sense.

I'm surprised that you kept the helmet logo as is. While I understand that it still fits the name "Warriors", I'm thinking that if they had to change due to losing a lawsuit, part of the change would have to be the logo.

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Nice looking concept. However, I agree that logo on the helmet wouldn't fly if they were forced to change the team name.

I'd prefer the spear logo on a burgundy shell with a grey facemask. Also I think a pair of yellow pants with matching side panels should be the primary home. The road uniform should stay the same. Home and road side panels would match up.

No yellow alt? :P

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I like what you have done. I have grown a little weary of tapered leg stripes, but it works in your concept. I actually would have no problem with no side panel or pant stripes, but that is just personal opinion and not a comment on the merits of what you have done. Regarding the head logo, if it were not able to be used, how about mimicking the old Lombardi version and just having a "W" inside the circle?


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