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On one of my sports card trading boards, we're doing one of those "secret Santa" type things. The person I got was a Bengals fan, and with his cards I'm planning on sending him a printed out mini-poster type thing of the Bengals. I've run into a roadblock of sorts. I made two designs, essentially the same design, one with a black background and one with an orange background. I really really like the black one, especially the way I did it with the tiger behind everything. But, the black blends in with their jerseys and socks, and it looks like Chad Johnson's feet are detached from his body. Anway, I could really use any suggestions on these, a heads-up any goofs that I didn't spot, and a sort of slogan or theme for the whole thing. I was going to put "Out of the Darkness", which would fit well with the black background, shadowy tiger and the Bengals' emergence this season, but I'd definitely like to hear other ideas...

Orange - Copy/Paste

Black - Copy/Paste

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