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Miami Hurricanes Baseball Concept


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Hey these jersey's look great!

BTW I went to school with #9 Blake Tekotte, great baseball player, and a great QB too.

That's sweet. I talk to him every now and then. All the guys I used in the jerseys I talk to and create my custom cards for. All the guys are nice.

These look really slick.

Just get ride of the black alt. change to green, and make an all green hat for the away. Light color hats get dirty to quickly.

Yea, I made a green Alt., but didn't post it. Miami has like 6 jerseys anyway so it's hard to make something new and I figured the basketball team did it, so why not the baseball team.

Also, about the hats. It's MIAMI (a.k.a. Nike Powerhouse). I talk to a lot of those guys a lot as I said above, and they said they get around 4-5 hats of each style throughout the year, so no need for darker hats. Also, new pair of batting gloves each series, plus each week for practice. They send me a lot of their old ones. Livin' the Miami baseball life huh?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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