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Vote For Your Favorite Cincinnati Reds Uniform Of All Time!


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Too bad the 2007 versions aren't on there...I'd vote for 'em.

They're good - wait till you see 'em...


I'll be there later today at the 5:00 PM unveiling. (VIP pass (bow) )

Just can you tell me this...does it still have black in the scheme?

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1970 Big Red Machine.

I don't like the new Reds uniforms. Too gimmicky in its "old-timey base ball!" look when all the Reds need is athletic block. Oh, and why do old-timey base ball, promise to get rid of black drop shadows, and then keep it in anyway? It's like they were torn between 1890s and 1990s.

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This was a great idea, but the Enquirer really screwed it up.

Why did they just put "1970s" under the Bench jersey and the one beside it? Bench wore that same jersey 1972 until he retired in 1983, and the one beside it (#6) was used 1968-71.

And why did they include two of the same exact model (#5 and #8) and no home jersey from 1968-71? They also failed to include anything from 1988-92 and the road jersey from 1993-98.

The best uniform set the Reds have ever had was 1968-71. Anything that includes a vest will not get my vote.

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