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New England Patriots concept

Dave Ship

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For this concept i tried to give a modernization to their current look without going to much far away from the "traditional" scheme.

I decided to keep the main stripes which start from the chest, through the shoulders and finish like an arrowhead. These lines have a very thin red border which is a very important detail for this franchise.

The most revolutionary thing came up with the design in side view, where you can see a dynamic shape which have a link with the pants design.

I came up with three versions of this concept, following their current colors and schemes.

The helmet is the same I made for my project.

Thanks to BuccoB for the template.

Illustrator is working very bad in these days for me so I can't modify the concept.


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As always, I love your work here. The side stripe reminds me of the tail of the flying elvis logo. Just a few things, I would prefer to see more use of red as opposed to silver (on the home's side panel in particular). Also, you've forgotten to recolour part of the collar on the road and the sleeve stripe on the back of the alt.

All aside, this set fits in well with the rest of your designs and its a set I particularly enjoy.

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it looks pretty good. i think the helmet needs to be silver, and i think the pants could use another color stripe, aside from red. i know that is difficult to pull off so each jersey works with each pant set, but maybe you can make it work. speaking of that, can we see silver on silver, blue on blue, and white on silver?

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Nice! Glad to see that template is working out for you. Judging the design on its own merits, you really hit the hammer to the nail on this one. I love the swoopy detail in this set--just like the back of Elvis' head. And I could see how a blue helmet could be utilized (though in reality it probably never will, but that's a different issue for a different forum entirely). All in all, very nice Beatnik.

(BTW, sorry I ain't been able to catch you on IM lately...work has been absolutely INSANE the last couple days...)

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I think this is a really good job. I like the pant striping and the red jersey looks pretty solid. However I am not a fan of the wordmark on the road jersey-- it just doesn't do it for me.

Really nice work. A-

I love the red jersey. Go with a silver helmet with a grey facemask. The blue helmet is cool but just doesn't seem right.

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