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New Salem Avalanche look


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Relatively new poster here... came across these changes last week, but didn't throw them up here. The Salem Avalanche are going with a slightly tweaked color scheme, and some new alternate logos that will occupy their game hats next season.



First, Salem went from brick red (Astros color) to scarlet, keeping black and some gold in their scheme.

Last year's home cap:


Last year's away cap:


The BP hat had the same logo scheme as the home cap (gold A), on a solid brick red mesh hat. All designs were used in 2005 and 2006.

Obviously, the home cap is similar to the away cap (without the red). The road hat is a similar layout to their alternate from three seasons ago, except with a new logo. This concept plays off of their Carolina League/California League All-Star logo from 2006. Sorry I don't have a better graphic!


The BP cap has the bigfoot logo that was the Avalanche kids club logo last year. The team release said that New Era came up with most of the designs for the hat, based on these logos that were already in use.

The Avalanche will also change up the unis a little. I'd imagine there will be subtle changes, since the team is using the same wordmark that adorned the home uniform over the last two seasons.


On the road, they simply wore block SALEM letters. The change will also shift Salem to Rawlings uniforms, which I think is a first for any Salem team, all the way through the double-knit era. All of the Salem game unis (regardless of team name, owner or affiliation) I've ever seen have been made by Wilson. Maybe they'll also finally put the MiLB logo on their uniforms, something they've avoided.

Apparently, the new gear goes on sale December 18. I'll be there to pick some up. Coincidentally, this will be my first look at next year's New Era authentic cap. I'm gonna be interested to see what they're like. Hopefully, I can come up with more uniform information soon.

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