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Thornado's mountain west concepts


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okay, first of all nice job on all, they look sharp!  favorite son is San Diego State cus you dared to make it different.  the new mexico one sort of reminds me of an old blackhawks jersey, so i like that too.  but, as a cousin of mine is an AFA grad and current air force officer, i gotta call you out on two things:

1: Air Force...although yellow is in the logo you used, AFA teams primarily use air force blue and silver.  the hockey team has a gray jersey, other than that i don't recall AFA ever using any other color.

2: BYU...like it except for the color (but understandable since Zephyr used the wrong dark color)...BYU uses navy (they say it's NOT navy, but it's navy, trust me), not black.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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