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Cavs/Hawks revisit the 80s....


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hawks really should just modernize that uniform and use it... i like the design ideas behind that more than i do the current look.

cavs however... it's good for a throwback, but christ allmighty. they definately look nicer now than they did then.

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Even though it was scheduled, I think I can say that I called it when both of these teams would be wearing their throwbacks from the 80s.

With that being said, good Gawd the Hawks throwbacks kick ass. Like TCR said, they should modernize it, because the Pac-Man unis are the best they've had.

As for the Cavs, the only reason I like it is because it's orange and I love anything that's orange by default. But other than that, it gets a "meh" from me.

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Yeah, they need to modernize that, put "Atlanta" on the roads, and go for it. A rare case of Times New Roman working for a uniform.

It's not Times New Roman. I think the font's Benguiat (or something like that).

But I agree with you that the Hawks need to change back to this set - pronto.

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I have issues with the shades the NBA picked for these Cavs throwbacks...I have been talking with a number of people in the NBA's Apparell Dept., and they admitted to me that they really don't go by any official records (e.g., past Style Guides), rather they consult with Mitchell & Ness for colors. And, I've heard that a couple of the guys in the NBA Creative Services Dept. spent a couple of hours on my site researching colors as well. Scary.

The actual Cavalier colors in those days were called "Burnt Orange and Royal Blue". These shades that they've picked for these throwbacks are more like Bright Orange and Navy Blue. Part of the problem could be the way Reebok stocks fabric colors - they only keep a select few, and match all of the colors to them - but I still think that they could have done better with the shades. I mean - if you're going to do an accurate throwback, why not make it as close to the original as possible? Except for the "short-shorts" though...

Here are the shades that the NBA estimated:


...and here are the ones that I estimated:


Talk amongst yourselves...

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Like everyone is saying: great throwbacks, but I have one negative.

I know it's almost impossible to fix, but when old designs are applied to new apparel, especially with shorts, the modern baggy look distorts everything.

Normally, this isn't a huge issue. For example, teams with simple fonts, numbers, and piping look pretty similar to back in the day.

However, teams with swoops, unusual stripes, and other features tend to look silly.

Check out the sheer size of the shorts stripe on Lorenzen Wright!



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