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my uconn bball concept...


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i wanted to try and go with what the other husky sports were using (silver) and used "connecticut" instead of "uconn" i wanted something that tied into the past (side strips) but also had a new twist to it, so without anymore suspense....


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The jerseys look really nice and like you noted, something that could be possible. I like how you DID NOT include the nikeworld shoulder stripes. I wonder what a grey/silver alternate would look like. Maybe with "UConn" on it?

I don't think you need the conference logo on the shorts, the jersey is enough. I like what some Big East schools have done with adding them to the jersey, and wish more teams would follow suit.

As for you court. It should be a NCAA court and not a NBA one. Also most Big East schools have the conference logo in the paint, however it is facing the other way. I like how simple it is, matching your jersey style, but not too sure about the UConn on the baseline.

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