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Washington Capitals Concept


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That's actually very cool.

The blue/red/white thing is over used in the NHL with the Canadiens and Rangers being the two teams that are rightful owners of the colours. So maybe different shades would be cool.

The design is awesome though, love it.

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Too much trim for the WASHINGTON wordmark. Only one color should be necessary here, the letters are so small that they're barely legible. Same for the stars.

Other than that, nice work.

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I think these look really cool. I like the modernization of the logo and the angular stripe. Some suggestions: put more stars in (like between the sleeve stripe), and make the stars on the pants smaller.

I would be very content if the Caps wore this. A-

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I'm gonna jump on the "let's see a red version" bandwagon. I mean, you've modernized the logo from the ?80s era, so you might as well stick with it and use a red jersey like they did back in the day.

I'm not a big fan of the old Sabres typefaces, though. They really stick out like sore thumbs. I'd rather see something like the Thrashers or the Baltimore Ravens typefaces used instead.

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-Added stars to sleeves.

-Added 2 stars to pants.

-Added a shoulder patch.

-Raised the Crest.

-Changed Nameplate/Number Font as requested.

-Changed the home jersey from Blue to Red.

-Changed the main color from Red to Blue on the away whites.


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