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NCAA Baseball Concepts


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I'm sure most of you remember my NCAA Baseball project from last spring. For those of you unfamiliar, the goal of the project was to create baseball uniforms for NCAA Division I schools that did not have programs. When I finally got done with the current Division I schools, I had planned on doing about 8-10 bonus schools for the more well-known lower division programs (including those that had Division I programs in other sports but were not D-I schools). However, hurling season, a renovation project, and a move got in the way, and I'm just now finding the time for this project.

The first school I'd like to present is one that recently announced a move up to Division I last week: the Coyotes of the University of South Dakota. USD dropped baseball about three years ago, right before the athletic program underwent an identity update. It's one that worked very well for baseball, and I especially liked the U-paw logo used on the alternate jersey.




As always, C&C is welcomed and appreciated.

Coming next: the two Alaska schools (Anchorage and Fairbanks)

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