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NFL Baseball Uniforms Pt. 3 of 8


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The NFC North or as Chris Berman would call it The Norris Division. As you can see, i'm trying to stay true to the football uniforms. The Packers though I decided to just keep it simple, like the Yankees, the Packers are old school who I feel dont need names in the back of their jerseys, although for the alternate I did decide to add the last name, only to break up some of the green. Here we go.....

Da Bears


The Pack






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These are solid. A few critiques

Bears--the home and road are solid, maybe the pinstripes make it a little too busy, and I think the wishbone C should go on both the home and away hats and I would have the bear logo on the alternate cap. The throwback is solid, though you should use the wishbone C on the jersey instead of the Bears wordmark.

Packers--very basic, yet very classy. I love the road jersey.

Vikings-- first off, I don't think the sleeve patch works--you couldn't easily tell what it was at first. I would have the "V" on both hats. Mainly, I would use the new wordmarks on the home and away jersey.

Lions--this is my favorite one in the set. I think this would look solid as a baseball jersey and stays true to their football uniforms. I would change the font color on the road jersey to blue.

These really stay true to their football counterparts, and these teams look classy. B+

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I'd try to work the Lombardi-era interlocking "GB" into the Packers unis somehow. Also, I'd be interested to see how the 1970's-era Vikings wordmark would look on their uniforms. Otherwise all of them look about as good as they could possibly look.

The Lions look like crap BTW, but that's defintely not your fault.

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