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Majestic NCAA Football replicas?


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So far this season, I've seen Majestic replica NCAA jerseys mostly for I-AA teams. But, most of these companies have licenses for schools like Ohio State, which don't charge as much to license their logo and likeness, as a lot of smaller schools do. For example, I know Russell Athletic has a license to make replicas for non-Russell teams: check this out.

Russell licensed replicas

For sure, they make them for lots of other teams. I remember back in Virginia, you could find Russell replicas of Virginia and Virginia Tech jerseys, even though they were Nike programs. In fact, none of the schools on the above teams have Russell on-field licenses (although the used to carry South Carolina jerseys online, but appear to have run out: that was the one Russell on-field school they had).

Most sportswear companies can be easily licensed to make replicas, even if they don't have the contract for on-field gear.

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If Russell's replicas are like ones that I had seen in sporting good stores for several years, then they should be pretty good. However, the ones that I am talking about were just stock game jerseys made to look like Alabama and Auburn jerseys. I don't know if these jerseys are as good.

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