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Iron crossover xmas battle


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Wa takshino key yoku gatashka naraba the Thanksgiving battle, while not as eventful as the Halloween battle, nonetheless produced some memorable concepts, with the eyes of all entrants eyeing the prize. Last time out, Nitroseed was the clear winner, so congrats to ya Nitro.

on the downside, Shark is having problems with his provider, as we all know, so it seems we must begin without him. it is the time of celebrating the birth of Christ, yes despite the PC bastards trying to do away with it...also, it's the time of trying not to get trampled by stressed-out moms with shopping carts packed to the gills :D this year, it's also the time of the Christmas Battle at Crossover Stadium! I screwed up Shark's voting system unknowingly, but it was easier for me *hides*

voting will be done like last time if Shark's not back by the entry deadline, Sunday December 21, 9 pm central time/7 pm pacific time. should his problems be resolved between then and now, the voting will be determined by SHB.

so now citizens of the CCSLP community, will YOU accept the challenge? Enter Crossover Stadium!!

*bites into yellow bell pepper*

before submitting your entry, please be sure to review the Iron Crossover battle guidelines. Only entries which meet the guidelines at time of the deadline will qualify for voting!

*pops tictacs in mouth*

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fukui: good evening, ladies and gents, Kenji Fukui here, and as always, alongside me Dr. Yukio Hattori for this Christmas Battle

doc hattori: always a pleasure

fukui: tonight, we have two special guests for this one, first, please welcome Milwaukee Brewers radio color man Bob Uecker

uecker: glad to be here

fukui: and our second guest is the strange bird otherwise known as Morimoto. ladies and gents, filling in for chairman SHB, emergency chairman Discrimihater

ueck: hey, how about that hat?

Christmas is creeping up, so hope you got the tree up, presents optional. i'm not a mind reader, so i'm not sure if shark would have chosen this if he were here. anyway, i feel the team i have chosen makes sense, and the sport, a certain network likes to show it on Christmas night.

Kyoono tema wa kore desu!




the theme for the Christmas Battle is...



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The Designer with no name (cue "the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly" music) walks into X-Over stadium. After a disappointing finish in the last judgement, he's none too happy, wondering what was wrong with his lasy entry. He walks over to the entries table, stunned to see that the Commish is nowhere to be seen. He slams down his entry...


Chisox X-Over

Which is greeted by much cheering (or jeering, whatever). He walks away. The "iterem" commisioner looks at the entry & ??? .

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I personally think Red Sox and a more wintry sport of hockey would have made more sense, but hey, I'd say you did fine.

NHL takes Xmas off, that's what mainly factored into my choice.  Although if i had chosen hockey, I could have chosen the team that makes more sense than either Sox: the Bucks, for obvious reasons.

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fukui: man alive, we're awash in pinstripes doc!

doc hattori: that's right, fukui-san.  vicfurth's given us a style ripped from Comiskey, and nitroseed's amazed us again

ueck: that nitro fella's pretty good, woulda made more sense to use the Brewers, though

ohta: fukui-san!

fukui: yes ohta, go!

ohta: yes, you'll notice around the stadium...well, about half the fans disguised as empty seats, and some others-ow!!!-disguised as dogs...apparently, the White Sox made today Dog Days of Winter-AHHHH!*runs from dogs*

fukui: man alive, that bites :D

ueck: and a half empty stadium...aah, just like a real Sox game :D

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Well, Nitro, great job.

I thought about this contest for a day or so, and had an idea in my head. I figured, a team that uses only black and white doesn't leave too much room for a million different permutations, so I would wait and see what was posted.

Nitro, you nailed it. Right on the head. That is THE answer to the question, "What would the white sox look like as a basketball tream."

No further work is needed.

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