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St. clair college q and an unrelated jersey design


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Two items on the agenda:

1) This is a huge stab in the dark, but does anyone out there have a copy of the hockey version of the athletics logo for the St. Clair College Saints in Windsor, Ontario? I take game photos for the Penn State club hockey team and St. Clair will be our last opponent this regular season. I put all my photos up on the web and use the opponents' logos (since I love logos) as part of the layout. I'd love to use the hockey specific logo that has the Griffin holding a stick and wearing skates, but all I can find are pictures of it on t-shirts in their player bio pages and in an article about the new athletic logos being designed to coincide with the reintroduction of their hockey team a few years ago.

2) It's very plain and simple compared to ideas floated on this board, but I'd like some opinions on the fantasy jersey I did based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (There's a group of us Buffy fans in a fantasy league.) And yes, I know there's not much creativity in it. If I had my scanner with me, then I could at least sketch out ideas and scan them in, but I don't. (http://www.personal.psu.edu/bmp169/slayerunis.bmp)


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