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LA Clippers Logo


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I was just surfing around SportsLogos.net, checking out some old NBA logos and came to the Clippers. When I was in 9th grade (ages ago, though it still seems like yesterday to me), I noticed that the ball in the logo is completely wrong! Not only are the seams of the ball out of wack, but there is an extra seam under the "p" and the "e" part of the script. Am I the only one who has noticed this? And if not, why hasn't the league or the Clippers organization changed it?

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I never noticed that before. It you try to draw continuous curves connecting the incomplete lines, you'll see that the bottom has too many "ends" than the top. Now I'm going to focus on that every time I see the logo.

It's kind of like that "How many legs does this elephant have?" optical illusion.

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Doesnt suprise me. The Clippers have had one of the worst logo sets in sports since they began,but no one has really noticed how bad their logos are because of how bad the team is. Somehow it just seems fitting.

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