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Montréal Canadiens alternate jersey concepts


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I was inspired to do these by the discussion in the "Sports Logos" forum about the reasoning for the NHL switching to dark at home. Basically they did it so more teams could wear their alternate jerseys at home, most of which are dark, without forcing the visiting team to bring a second set of uniforms for that one game on a road trip.

Now that dark jerseys have been made the official home uniform league wide, the problem has disappeared, for the most part. Two teams have white alternates, which force visiting teams to bring a double set of uniforms if these teams decide to wear their alternates at home. These teams are the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montréal Canadiens. Both teams have white alternates that also happen to be throwbacks.

The throwback aspect means a quick fix for Toronto. They can simply use the blue version of their current alternate.

The Canadiens have an interesting problem, however. The dark version of their alternate is almost identical to their red home sweaters, thus defeating the purpose of an alternate. Still, the Habs to have options.

An alternate for the Montréal Canadiens would have to be a throwback, or at least throwback-inspired to be accepted. So I dug into the past of Habs sweaters, and came up with these three designs from their past:


Then I created an alternate uniform for the Canadiens based on each of those designs.

C&C welcome as always.


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About the globe jersey, I really like it, I think the globe logo is great, but the sleeve logos are bothering me. I would use the same logo as in the example that inspried you, and make it the same size so it touches the two white stripes at least.

The logo on the middle jersey is bothering me because a lot of it just blends in to the jersey. If it were incapsulated in the chest stripe a bit more it would be more defined.

The barberpole jersey is perfect, because, let's face it, it's barberpole!

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The barberpole is a nice vintage touch, the stripes are a touch too close together. it could be very overwhelming when in action.

The red CA get lost in the red. Nice and simple though.

The globe logo is a long forgotten one that could make a nice comebacker. This is the strongest of the three designs. I wouldn't use the blue right on the cuff of the sleeves with the striping so close to it.

Good job on making those old designs into a well rounded update

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