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a few fb concepts


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*-the average person prolly wouldnt notice, but here it wont take long. The buffalo is borrowed from a sabres logo.

#-the knight logo is not mine, just a logo ive had on my computer forever, not sure what team it belongs to, if any.

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These don't look too shabby. A few comments:

For the GoldWings, I would completely ditch the black. The socks and sleeves could be navy blue instead of black. Also, I think you should make the gold less green and more yellow, like the Redskins colors. B-

I like the Stampede, they somehow remind me of University of Hawaii's jerseys and are good. I might add one more color for just the trim, and switch the font to something much more modern (maybe the Titans?). B+

The Knights concept is my favorite. It is really clean and classy, but is still far from boring. The font is a perfect choice, but you might think about making the helmets blue. A-

Overall, this is really good work and a wide range of styles. B+

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You need another color for the goldwings in place of the gray.

You need another color in the stampede, also, I'm not loving the number font.

Put the knights logo on the hemet. Make it (the helmet) blue, and logo white.

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These are really solid concepts. These are unis most high schools should be using, but sadly arent. And when I say high school, i mean zero disrespect with that one. I personally think that high schools who do it right can hold a style for years upon years. Unlike most pro teams, and these not only look good, but also look to have some longevity too, which is rare. A+

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