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Tank Caught with Six Guns


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*begins singing*

pleeease don't go...pleease don't go...pleeease don't go...pleeease don't go...

what? not that Tank? oh, okay.

*puts on trivia bowtie*

Who was the last player to...wait, not that Tank either? sheesh.

that Tank? damn. Sunday's game got slightly tougher...on my mama the Chicago stations been talkin about this all day.

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damn and I was prepared to head to Jersey to purchase a couple of those guns. In jersey especially Newark, 6 guns alone barely gets you past the Newark city limits. You need a tank to survive some of these cities Even that is pushing it a bit and i'm not talking about Essex County Tank or Chicago Bears Tank.

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It gets better, his "bodyguard/roomate/friend" was also arrested for having felon amounts of marijuana. He's an ex-con as well.

Allegedly, Tank also claimed the Guns were his bodyguard/roomate/friend. There are children in the house as well. The guns were loaded and accessible to them. I'm not saying they were out in the open, but from that, I'm betting they weren't in a gun cabinet in the den...

There's been some talk on why the Gurnee (Home of Six Flags Great America and Gurnee Mills shopping center, if you're from the Midwest you've heard of both) Police raided his house in the first place. I guess some people are upset about this...but he had 6 pitbulls chained up in the backyard, and allegedly, there was gunfire heard from the house. In a very affluent neighborhood, I'm surprised that the home wasn't raided earlier.

Now, it gets even better!

Tank went out last night to a nightclub with his bodyguard/roomate/friend. I guess they freqent this place often, and never cause trouble. The Bodyguard/roomate/friend was talking to a young lady, and her boyfriend came up. Words were exchanged, they took it out side. Long story short, the bodyguard/roomate/friend was pronounced dead this morning. We could have a TO situation where tank is just inactive the rest of the season everyweek. (He's already inactive for sunday's game)

So in 2 weeks, the bears have lost 2 of their interior linemen...the best two....ugh.

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