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Ok, with my playoff game all but officially over, I am in my second consectutive fantasy football Super Bowl. Its only my second season of fantasy football and ive gotten off to a very good start.....

Last Year: 10-4 Super Bowl Champions

This Year: 7-7 In the Super Bowl against my uncle, which happens to have the best team.

Has anyone else had this type of success when they started? Sorta making a Fanasy Football Dynasty

This year I dodged a late season slump in which I barely made the playoffs, but still 2 years in a row is good lol.

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heh, I've been in the playoffs three straight, though this year I snuck in through the back door (heh, if it was just a two-way tie between me and JQK, King woulda made it in...Thank you wilson :D ). I've lost both of my prior playoff games, though, so I'm tryin to pull off an upset this time around.

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last year i didn't even make the playoffs, but this year i'm in the semi's up 40 and the guy i'm playin has three guys active tonight.

unfortunately for me those three guys are chad johnson, peyton manning, and the cincy's kicker.

...gonna be close.

I hear ya...my team's up against Fanatic's, and I have a 15-point lead. Good news: Fanatic only has one guy showin out tonight. Bad news: I don't, all my guys played on Sunday. Worse news: his one guy's Marvin Harrison, who's very capable of closing this gap.

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I finally got elimated this year. It's a wonder how I made the playoffs with the injuries (listed) I had to deal with...

QB Hasselbeck

RBs Alexander, Jordan, McGahee

WRs Bennett, Burress, McCardell

TE Shockey

K Elam

Every position seemed to have lengthy injuries. Thank goodness for Ladell Betts and Jones-Drew. Fantasy makes me so mad because I drafted a good team and had a bad year and douches who only know the "popular" or "home" guys beat me. That makes me so mad :evil: I usually can put something decent together every year I'm in it though.

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My team got eliminated in the Quarterfinals. How this team went 10-4 and finished 5th out of 20 teams is beyond me.

QB: Romo (DAL), Smith (SF), Losman (BUF)

RB: Lewis (BAL), Turner (SD), Thomas (BUF), Moore (MIN)

WR: Cotchery (NYJ), White (ATL), Wilson (PIT), Hackett (SEA), Parker (SD), Williams (OAK)

TE: Gates (SD) (Williams is also a TE)

K: Casay (CAR)

DEF: Atlanta

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I was knocked out in the Conference Finals for the second straight year, after going a league-high 11-2. For some reason, my team always seems to fall apart in the playoffs,

Anyway, here's the roster that got me that far:

QB: Romo (DAL), Manning (NYG)

RB: Westbrook (PHI), Taylor (MIN), Morris (MIA), Washington (NYJ), Jacobs (NYG)

WR: Horn (NO), Henderson (NO), Stallworth (PHI), Branch (SEA), Edwards (CLE)

TE: Gates (SD)

K: Akers (PHI)

DEF: Chicago

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Won Division Title first ever 10-4

Got a bye to next week's CFA Semis

QB Matt Hasselbeck and Tony Romo

RB Rudi Johnson and Fred Taylor

WR TJ Housmandazeh, Donald Driver, Chris Chambers

TE Kellen Winslow II, Tony Gonzalez

PK John Kasey

TD Chargers

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Last year: Missed the playoffs after being on the wrong end of a tie the final game of the regular season.

This year: 10-4, Top seed, 8 game winning streak. All of which means nothing in the playoffs, which start next week.

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Last year: won the whole thing.

This year: winning my semifinal - likely to go to the title game again, given a 15-point lead and Peyton Manning on MNF, versus my opponent who has Marvin Harrison left.

Roster as of today (after countless waiver wire wheeling and dealing)

QB: P.Manning, V.Young, J.P. Losman

RB: B.Westbrook, C.Taylor, J.Fargas, A.Harris, A.Pinner

WR: D.Henderson, J.Walker, S.Moss, Matt Jones

TE: J. Shockey, Dallas Clark

K: Morten Andersen, Ryan Longwell

DEF: Bears, Jaguars

League regulations require you to be 2-deep at every position except RB & WR, where you must be 4-deep. Hence the extraneous TE, K, and DEF ...

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I'm about ready to go to my third straight championship game in my money league, having won them both the previous two seasons. My cumulative record over the past three seasons is 37-10, by the way.

My roster:

QB: Tom Brady, Marc Bulger

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson (aka the Baddest MoFo in the World -- sorry Juggernaut), Thomas Jones, Warrick Dunn, Michael Turner

WR: Bernard Berrian, Marty Booker, Reche Caldwell, Keyshawn Johnson, Derrick Mason, Roy Williams

TE: Jeremy Shockey

K: John Carney

D/ST: New England Patriots

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Going back to the original topic...

This is my first (and last) season doing fantasy football. I finished 9-4 in the regular season and I just made it to my league championship (where I expect to be dominated by a team with LT and is the far and away league scoring leader). I was the second leading scoring team in the regular season and have been in the playoffs as well. Just another odd tidbit, I made the most roster moves in the league this year...guess I'm just never satisfied.

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Going to the 'fantasy bowl' in my first year of playing. The other team is my buddy's who is also playing for the first time. We both went 8-5.


QB - V. Young, J. Delhomme

RB - S. Jackson, F. Gore, M. Barber

WR - B. Berrian, J. Walker, B. Edwards

TE - A. Gates

D/ST - Chicago

K - J. Carney

Greg, why are you giving it up? Sounds like you did well.

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This year snapped a five year championship streak for me. I only participate in one NFL Fantasy Football league every year. Last year I won with a depleted roster, amazingly.

This year's roster was pretty solid, except at QB.

QB: Jay Cutler, Trent Green, Rex Grossman

RB: Joseph Addai, Ronnie Brown, Julius Jones, DeAngelo Williams

WR: Anquan Boldin, Mark Clayton, Marvin Harrison, Keyshawn Johnson

TE: Vernon Davis, Todd Heap

K: Jason Elam

DEF: Denver Broncos

Traded Braylon Edwards for Ronnie Brown, released Jake Plummer in favor of Jay Cutler, also released Ryan Longwell due to injured players returning.

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well my team the invaders are in the finals in the DFL. WHich will as i fully expect get destroyed by the st. augustine storm who will ultimately win the DFL championship. However we did win the MEtro Division and the Metro Conference Championship.

THe Roswell Invaders

QB: Tony Romo(DAL), Joey Harrington (MIA), Jon Kitna (DET)

RB: Frank Gore (SF), Tatum Bell (DEN), JJ Arrington (ARI)

WR: Eddie Drummond (DET-WR), TO (DAL), Dante Hall (KC), Santonio Holmes (PIT), Joe Horn (NO), Eric Parker (SD),

D/ST: Vikings, Cowboys

K: Josh Brown (SEA), Jeff Reed (PIT)

IR: KEvin Jones (DET)

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Greg, why are you giving it up? Sounds like you did well.

It's too much like work. :P

If Fantasy Football is too much work, I suggest you stear clear of baseball, hockey, and/or basketball where people trade and users players every day of the week. :P Those three I gave up on for that reason. Football is ok cuz it's week to week and I love football and watch it 24/7.

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