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Winnipeg Jets Concept


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Yes, I'm aware they don't exist, and yes I'm aware they arent coming back for the 2006-2007 season (duh), but if they were.. then here's a concept. I tried to just update the old uniforms, kept the logo the same because I love it, simple and classic. About the Alt... I will not be changing the striping from Blue/White/Blue to White/Blue/White because it looks just like the Canadiens, so dont suggest it. :P Also, yes, I'm aware Dale Hawerchuk retired in 1997 and he is no longer playing for the Jets.. no one is, I refrained from using a mondern player to cancel out the talks of relocation.


C&C As always...

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The only change I'd make it to use the crest with the blue background on the home sweater. Or possibly even go with the older crest as the shoulder logo (and maybe even use it as the primary on the alts). Other than that, these are lookin' sharp.

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