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It Takes Two


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I think that would be good, but would more of the load be on the vector person, where the ms painter would have heck of a less of a load?

not necessecarily..

if i were in this contest, all the vector person would have to do (if it was a uniform) is add numbers and a logo. i myself do most of my design in paint, simplya adding the final touches in photoshop.

this could be a good contest, promote teamwork

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I always used MSPaint simply because it seems easier to work with.

Maybe the fact that I don`t have any of the other programs might be a good reason too :P

If I may, the team thing is a great idea. I wouldn`t mix though...

MSPaint users with MSpaint users...

What I would do, I would make the MSpaint users voting on the photoshop concepts and vice-versa...

Same contest, different categories... MSPaint and photoshop and Illutrator...

Although I've seen amazing work here done with MSPaint, the quality can not equal a good photoshop concept... At least, that's what I think...

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i like this idea. i'm often interested in entering the contests on here, but i rarely have enough free time to design something from scratch. i think it'd be fun to work with someone... even if i'm just vectorizing the design for the most part.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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