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Tulane Football Concept.


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I kind of got the idea of this concept when I heard about Bob Toledo being named the new head coach at Tulane. Of course, he is best known as the former head coach at UCLA. So, I started thinking about what they could look like with a UCLA-type set. I used shoulder stripes and three-color numbers. Also, I used the same pattern of the shoulder stripes on the pants. So, here it is. C&C is appreciated. If you guys have any ideas about how it can be improved, please let me know. Thanks.



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this is a heck of a lot better than what they have now,that's for sure,but just for the heck of it see what the concept looks w/ a dark green/Colombia/dark green striped white helmet.

Thanks for the feedback. I just tried your idea, but it doesn't work.

well,could i see it anyway just to see for myself?

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Here it is with a white helmet. However, I made the helmet stripe black/dk. green/white/aqua blue/white/dk. green/black. As I said, I didn't like it the first time I tried, which was basically just recoloring the helmet with no change to the colors of the logo. However, I made the T green and made a few other changes to the logo. I wanted to make it similar the logo on the baseball team's pinwheel game hat from last year. However, I'm still partial to the green helmet.



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I wasn't crazy about the white helmet. Besides, for a team named the Green Wave I try to make the set predominantly green.

Anyway, here is what the green helmet set would look like with aqua blue pants. Also, I made a design with a green helmet, blue jersey, and blue pants. Ignore the black socks. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the blue pants.




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As a lifelong Tulane fan...I've gotta say it's a nice try and all, and I see where you are going....but here's what I see...

1.) No more white helmet. Ever since Bowden changed the helmets, they've just always looked better with them green.

2.) The sky blue pants have been done before (1976-1983), and they looked good back then, but they wouldn't work today.

3.) The shoulder stripes are a lil too busy...Tulane's never ever had UCLA-style stripes on the jerseys...if there were stripes, it was the Northwestern-style.

4.) What I LOVE about your concept is that you didn't throw away the Sky Blue and just throw black in there like they did in 1996. That was just.......stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

A suggestion, if I may? Incorporate the Seafoam Green in SMALL amounts (trim, piping, etc.) somewhere in the jersey. The color is in the logo itself (see the wave wrapping around the "T"), so why not use it?

All in all, I'd love to see how it ends up....and thank you for doing a Tulane concept. I'm glad I'm not the only fan here.

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As a Tulane fan for less than two months now (hey you gotta be a fan if you go there), I think you should go with a green/white combo (Green jersey/White pants, White jersey, Green pants) and incorporate the blue and seafoam green in the trim only. That way it mimics the logo.

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Hey Shumway....you are the SECOND biggest fan of their colors....hehe....just bustin' yer chops there....

(Olive Green and Sky Blue....says so in the fight song....lol)

Yeah, I love the Sky Blue and how it was incorporated in the trim...what I would love to see is something close to what they had in the late 70's-early 80's, just modernized....hmmmm....maybe I smell a Brandon Concept??? Haha...we shall see....

I'm just happy someone attempted a Tulane jersey/pant set on here...

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