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2002 Eagles uni question


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In looking at some pictures from the 2002 NFL season, I see that in some cases, mostly on the AWAY set, that the sock color was a dark green, yet the socks on the HOME set appear to be black.

Was that the case, or are my eyes just not that good, and they were dark green also?

Or, did they use both black and dark green socks throughout the 2002 season?

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I'm not the expert to ask on this, but I believe the first run of that style used green socks. I'm sorta glad they bounced the green socks. The black is dark enough to match their scheme and with the green socks you might get the leotard look that people choose to sport even when they have different colored socks in the closet (Bengals, Falcons).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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