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Atlanta falcons uniform rumors


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I can't imagine wings on the jersey, especially if it blends into the pants.  I can't even see them doing it on the shoulders like the Iowa Barnstormers.  That would be very distracting.  I'm wondering, however if they're talking about using a different colored side panel, like the Broncos, and putting the little notches in there like the notches on the wings of the Falcon decal.  I just can't see the players getting revved up about taking the field wearing bird costumes.

Switching sports, didn't the Salt Lake Golden Eagles have a sweater that had huge wings on it?

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I may try to do this some time, after I release version 2.0 of my new template.

I am thinking Titan's shoulders with a side stripe and Bronco style swoosh pants. I think those stripes will all be in the same color with the little notches on them like someone else said. Actually, I don't think they will look like that, but that is what pops into my head with the speculation.

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I attended the annual sporting goods industry "Super Show" tradeshow in Atlanta for several years in the mid-to-late 90s (the event has since moved to Las Vegas). Through a friend who happens to work in the licensed apparel industry, I was able to gain access to an event where NFL Properties was exhibiting uniform and logo design concepts to licensees.

In any event, I remember seeing an Atlanta Falcons proposal that was very similar to the rumors being bandied about on the Falcons' message board. The primary logo was redesigned to be a more realistically-rendered, three-dimensional depiction of a falcon in flight. The wings were extended up and slightly back, and the talons were bared in an attack posture... think a modernized version of the old Philadelphia Eagles' main logo. The falcon was red, with black, silver and white detailing. I distinctly remember that the wordmark was rendered in the new font that arrived on the scene a few years ago.

As for the uniforms, the helmets were metallic silver with black facemasks and the primary logo displayed on both sides. There was no helmet striping. Home jerseys were black with 3-color stylized numbers (similar in style to the wordmark font) of red outlined in white outlined in silver. The jersey sleeves featured a stylized "AF" logo in white outlined in silver outlined in red. Road jerseys were white with 3-color stylized numbers of red outlined in black outlined in silver. The jersey sleeves featured the "AF" logo in black outlined in silver outlined in red.

Pants for both uniforms were metallic silver with a stylized wing design extending down the side of the pants (in place of traditional striping). The wing was red with black, silver and white detailing.

The result was a uniform that was much more visually compelling than my description may sound.

Brian in Boston

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Man, I would love to go to a show like that!

What you describe sounds an awful lot like Tampa Bay's color scheme sans the touch of orange and subbing metallic silver for pewter.  And since they're in the same division with the Bucs I would have to think they would come up with something a bit more distinctive than the format you described.

Still in all, I would like to see what you saw.

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