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Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is Thursday, but we're starting early...we're throwing down here at Horlick Field in Racine, Wisconsin for the Eelventh DiscrimiBattle, aka the DisChristmasBattle...voting is still going on for the Tenth Battle, so this is sort of weird, but the show must go on, so here's the deal:

*any team not banned, you have a choice of a Christmas, Hanukkah(sp?), Kwaanza or New Year's theme, logo edit optional but probably necessary, color scheme also optional but probably needed

*baseball ban is in effect.

*crossovers are allowed, although refer to above rule when choosing sport. however, MLB teams can be crossed over, so those who wanna use the Friar can :)

*college teams are out there, that's a viable option

*one (1) entry per person

*deadline is the night after Xmas, 8 pm central time

winner gets to rent Rudolph for a day :laugh:

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i will be entering my Raptors X-Mas special........but it might not basketball.........X-over for X-mas?

as i stated, crossovers are allowed, and you can use NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams for the crossovers, along with any other team i didn't cover...come on, i know someone wants to use the Friar :;):

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