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Japanese J-League

Alphabet Man

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Here are the logos, in order of the team list above, going top to bottom. J1 teams on the left, J2 on the right.

**I'll edit this when the upload is done, its taking forever**

Uniforms i'll find over night, I'm off to play soccer then will watch the massive tonk-fest that is Twenty20 Cricket.

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Japanese Football (Soccer) League - its (quality has) been improving dramatically recently, especially since the 2002 world cup...grampus eight most famous for having gary linker as a player in the 90's (former england striker, and now host of match of the day and walkers crisps spokesman!)

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I have no idea what J-League is, but I'll be a diehard fan of both the Tokyo Verdy 1969 and Ngoya Grampus Eight until I die!

Japan's major football (soccer) league. Several Asian countries use this kind of name for their top league - Korea Republic has the K-League, Vietnam has the V-League, Singapore has the S-League, and Australia recently introduced the A-League.

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Well-researched team histories of the various J.League clubs - both J1 and J2 - can be found at:



Additionally, histories of the current amateur/company teams that comprise the Japan Football League can be found at:


After arriving at these main pages, simply click on the team logos to access club information, including logos, mascots, supporters flags and home and away uniforms.

Also, bear in mind that Alphabet Man's table reflects the membership of J1 and J2 for the recently-concluded 2006 season. When the 2007 schedule gets underway in March, Kashiwa Reysol, Vissel Kobe and Yokohama FC will have been promoted to J1. Meanwhile, Avispa Fukuoka, Cerezo Osaka and Kyoto Sanga will have been relegated to J2.


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I apologise, i have the logos all on one images, but it wont upload.

Brian, the logos there are alot better than the ones i found on the league site.

Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J_League

It's interesting how they name teams. Last weekend was the final or the replay was shown. I managed to pick the name of one team - the Red Diamonds. After researching it, the Red Diamonds names reflects the clubs owner - Mitsubishi Motors FC (thats what theyre registered as i believe). The first thing i noticed is that there uniform was a cross between two previous Manchester United shirts sort of.



But i swear they didn't look like that.

This looked interesting:


Man U v Man U


It looked like the Man U away blue strip from last season in red with white things on the shoulders, and the side design in black similar to what Nike had crica 2002 World Cup

Interesting to note, the J2 League wants to exapnd to 18 teams by 2010 and 22 by 2016. Also are plans for a J3 League. And disputes between company teams and actual clubs. Company teams can't be in the J1 or J2 leagues, so they stay in JFL which could be considered as English League 2 (behind Prem. and Champ. leagues) in terms of getting promotions.

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A number of J League teams are thinly veiled company teams anyway, or were formed from company teams to begin with so why a distinction is made I'll never understand.

Urawa Red Diamonds are basically the Mitsubishi company team for instance (as given away by the name).

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I think it's to do with how they are named. For instance JFL super-heavyweight is Honda FC, they finish one or two every year. But they can't get promoted to J1 or J2 so it makes the other clubs teams struggle to get the one remaining spot to be promoted (as promotion is top 2). Maybe they should make it 2 and 3.

It's also one of a few league (i know i don't know of others) that have numbers on the front of th shirts as well. I think the placing of the number could be a bit better but with a massive ad in the middle, where do you put it?

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For instance JFL super-heavyweight is Honda FC, they finish one or two every year. But they can't get promoted to J1 or J2...

Correction. They choose not to get promoted. Honda FC is free to shed their corporate name and reorganize the club as an independently-administered professional soccer club at any time. The corporate parent company simply hasn't chosen to go that route.

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I thought they couldn't even if they chose to.

Not so. What sense would that make? A certain club singled out as not being able to advance to J2 and on to J1, while the remainder of the JFL clubs are allowed to do so?

Despite repeatedly qualifying for promotion to the purely professional ranks of Japanese soccer via their on-field play, Honda corporate management has simply chosen to maintain the Honda FC side as a "company team". At various times in the team's history it has met all of the criteria necessary for J1 or J2 membership, save one: operating as a corporate entity separate from Honda Motors.

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