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Washington senators concept


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I like these. They're reminiscent of the old jerseys without being slavish imitations. I like the use of cream--I'd like to see a few teams get away from using blinding bone-white. The "DC" logo is a good idea, too, although it might be fun to have the old script "W" as a secondary. Maybe a little blue trim would look good, too. I think Washington is the best place for the Expos to go (if they're not moving to Carolina  :laugh: ), even if Peter Angelos doesn't like it. Maybe especially because Angelos doesn't like it.



Disclaimer: my dad lives in Orioles territory. He roots for the Yankees.

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The concept, format and colors are top drawer.  I'd change the font, however.  Since the O's are just down the road, I wouldn't use a script font.  How about a font like Copperplate?
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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