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Tom brady as a 49er?


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I think what may have happened is this:

Both the 49ers and Pats wore throwbacks during the same week in 2002 (for the NFL Thanksgiving Classics games; the Pats on Turkey Day, the Niners on the MNF before Thanksgiving). Both teams released replica throwback jerseys that year of the jerseys worn in each game.

Bottom line, I think someone at Reebok printed a number of "Brady 12" prints on blank 49ers throwbacks.

Notice how there isn't a 49ers logo on the sleeves ,instead, just the "candy cane" stripes of the Montana-era jerseys. The blue border of the numbers "keeps" this from becoming an all-out Brady 49ers throwback jersey. (save the sleeve numbers)

There also isn't the blue and white shoulder stripes, which would be present on a Pats throwback jersey.

I just think it's a funny mix-up...it's obviously a 49ers throwback jersey with Brady's (who is from San Mateo, CA, and was a big Niners fan when he was a kid) name and number on it.

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