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Goalie Mask Archive! What's your favorite?


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the best mask of all-time belongs to 1 Felix Potvin! what a design and what a goalie during his prime!

i never saw what was so great about this mask, to this day i still can't make out a cat in that design. however, i do think it's cool that potvin kept this design, just updating the colours, for each team that he played for.

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Mike Richter clearly has the best goalie helmet of all time. You can compete with that.

As a kid I had a Rangers street hockey goalie mask and I put a giant statue of liberty on the helmet and taped it down with packing tape so it wouldn't fall off. I had all those cheap goalie pads and would try to be like Richter all the time. It was great playing in the basement or at the local "roller-blacktop". I still have the helmet somewhere though...

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