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Patriots Helmet Concept


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I usually am not a fan of the short striped helmet ( i am an old school 1-2 or 3 stripe man ) BUT... I really like the use of the star and the two colors. THAT my man is original and I am a 100% fan of that. Keep kicking ass!

Wow, thanks man....i appreciate it

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I love the idea to use the star and red/blue concept for the stripe. But I think they would look better if they went straight back (like the Ravens or the Titans) rather than curving out like the Panthers, since the Flying Elvis' hat goes pretty much straight back.

Also, I like the change to a blue facemask on a stand-alone helmet, but I still think the helmet would look better with the rest of the uniform if they kept the red facemask. Red is used as trim throughout the uniform, and since the facemask is essentially a trim element, using red makes sense. Also, that keeps the uniform from having too much blue.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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