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Top three video game heroes


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I think it'd definitely be (1)Mario, (2)Kirby, (3)Donkey Kong [the newer ones from SNES]. I like Kirby 2nd because on his game for SNES, there were so many different abilities to do, so many ways to beat the tar out of the enemies.  What do you think?
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Definatly the following:

1)Kirk Muller in NHL '94(SNES) Man, he DOMINATED!


3)Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl. Almost unstoppable

i agree with bo jackson, but i gotta go with trevor linden in the genesis version of nhl '94....he was the master of the move my friends and i called 'the monkey's uncle' (basically using the deke move and then skating directly into the goalie to score). my # 3 would definately be 'little mac' from 'mike tyson's punchout' (one of the best games ever!)

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My top three Video Game Heroes of all time...

3) Randall, whose initials "S-E-X" graced the Pharaoh's Tomb machine in the cafeteria at Leonardo High School for years after graduation;

2) George Costanza, whose 860,000 points on Frogger stayed on the machine at Mario's Pizza for years after graduation;

1) Whatsisface from The Last Starfighter. The kid from the trailer park.

Bonus power-up for anyone who can tell me where I got the #3 entry from...

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