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Why can't the Chargers use navy blue on their field?


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Is anyone else irritated by the fact that the blue paint in Qualcomm's field artwork is noticeably lighter than the "official" Charger Navy Blue?

Also, the more I read about it, the more I am convinced that the team will be in Oceanside by 2010 or 2011. Oceanside owns a TON of undeveloped land, about 535 acres. As a native of South OC, I'm genuinely excited about the prospects of the Chargers being only 30 miles south of my hometown, even more so than I would be if they were moving to Anaheim.

Article about the Chargers' possible move north

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I saw that - presumed it was the Collegiate Blue, to satisfy the fans who want to see them adopt the alt uniforms full-time.

"It looks like they're going to Oceanside"? Not from that article, it doesn't. Too many "big questions".

And as for Marty, after the performance yesterday, not only should he be fired, but I believe he will be fired. No heart from that team.

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I got the impression they were gonna go powder blue and then didn't.

The endzones were powder blue, and the helmet at midfield looked too light.

Real weird.

The logos on the field this week weren't powder blue. I was there. It was painted the normal color it is all year which for some reason is a lighter shade of blue. The games when they wear the throwbacks, the endzone is clearly powder blue. This week was not. Someone needs to tell the city operated grounds crew to get darker paint.

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