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Fav QMJHL Logo


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Being from Halifax, I see plenty of of 'Q' Logos i am curious which logo from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League you enjoy the most or is your favourite? I would post, but i don't know how to..oh well

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I don't think they're a team any more, but I've always enjoyed this guy:


Drummondville's got a decent logo as well.

I miss the ol' Castors de Sherbrooke.

I can't believe they lost one of the best logos in the league and went with one of the worst (The Maineiacs - horrid name, too.)

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IMO, the Halifax Mooseheads, while being named after a beer company, is, aestethically, one of the absolute worst names ever for a sports team.

Think about it.


Just the heads of Mooses.

Not a full bodied moose.

Just the head.

You can't says "Go Moose Go", because the primary noun in the name is Heads. You can only say "Go Heads Go". No one says "Go Maple Go" in Toronto. No one says "Go Red Go" in Detroit. No one says "Go Blue Go" in Columbus. They don't even say "Go Screaming Go" in Sydney.

You can't even call them "Herd", even though that's what most people call them. Several heads of mooses do not count as a herd. They count as...a bunch of disembodied heads.

You can't even use a full bodied moose as a mascot, only the head of a moose walking around the arena playing with kids. But somehow they managed to avoid with that weird yellow muppet thing they have for a mascot.

I actually came up with a concept for a team just plain called the Halifax Moose. IMO, it works infinitely better than the morbidly awful Mooseheads.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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1. Rimouski - Shark ship! Cool. Together, waves and prow form a fleur de lys. Double cool.

2. Drummondville - I've always liked their name, and the new logo is bolder, cleaner, and tighter than the old one.

3. Quebec - I like the classic old school look, though I wouldn't have repeated the arch/r in the ring.

4. Lewiston - Stick and player shaped into 'LM'. Simple and slightly off-kilter, it works well with the 'maniac' theme.

5. Gatineau - Eye-catching colours, nicely-rendered torch, and the rim of the shield resembles an 'O'.

Rouyn's new logo is an upgrade, though it could have been better.

Val d'Or's is a nice nod to the region's mining and forestry, but they can use an upgrade as well.

I'd say the Sea Dogs have the worst logo.

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that Huskies logo new? cus it's a HUGE upgrade over that piece of :censored: they had before if it is.

and so I'll rank em as here:

1: Voltigeurs...like toy soldiers

2: Foreurs alt (not shown)...basically, the miner's underused and should be their main logo.

3: Huskies...see above 1.

4: Oceanic...well, she's hardier than the Titanic :D

5: Remparts...yeah, a Wild alt copy, but I just like it. nuf said.

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