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Very nice, of course. The only personal preference nit-picky thing I have for you is that the variable width of the ring is, to me, not variable enough. It's so close to being the same width all the way around that it looks like that was the goal and the artist just screwed up.

If you tried it in a less subtle way and it didn't work, then this will do fine, but that was what jumped out at me.

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Really nice.. I agree that the "e" looks a bit like an "R" or a "PL". A capital letter none-the-less.

Maybe fillet the top left corner of the "e" to make it look lower-case and to match the fillet of the top right of the "a". As seen in the the "entertainment" font.

I really do like it, though!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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