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NCAA to allow foreign schools soon


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Still, IMO, if the top Canadian schools joined the NCAA it would be best if they came in as a new "Canadian Conference." It'll make the transition easier.

One of the big reasons I'm puling for this is because it might finally force Western to build a decent football stadium.

What's wrong with the stadium they have now?

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So how about this solution, you just play by the home team's rules? An American team visiting a Canadian team will play by Canadian rules, and a Canadian team visiting a team in the States will play by American rules.

This isn't like baseball, where the only difference is a designated hitter. Canadian football involves more players, a bigger field, and differences in rules and awarding points.

If these Canadian schools want to join the NCAA, they should be forced to play American rules football. No hybrid game, no home-field rules changes, or that other crap.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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