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Steelers' new uniforms?


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I apologize for acting the curmudgeon in the previous post, but the fact is that, like the Milwaukee Brewers with the ball-in-glove logo, Pittsburgh Steeler fans if given the choice at the same price would buy the jerseys with the old-style, block lettering. By a wide margin.

Do you have anything to back that up? I too would like to see them return to the block letters, but am skeptical of such a claim made without any kind of support.

trust me when I say that the fans are nothing more than customers to professional sports teams - the more, the better for the club in question, but trust me they don't have the impact they believe they do

Maybe true for most teams, but not all.... :therock:

Tell that to fans of the Cleveland Browns or Houston Oilers, whose owners yanked them away from their "beloved fans" because there was more overall money to be made in Baltimore and Nashville. If those two teams moving doesn't drive home that professional sports is a business first and foremost, nothing will.

Sadly, the days of owning a pro sports franchise being a public trust are long over. I only wish it weren't so.

Well, there's still one pro team that's a public trust. :P

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Oh, :censored:. Michael Brecker died? "Now you see it... Now you Don't" was one of the first CDs I ever bought.

Yeah, Brecker died a week ago last Saturday from leukemia...

One of my favorite musicians EVER...

I love Now You See It...Now You Don't...classic.

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