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Really Off The Wall Super Bowl Trivia


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Here is my first of what I hope will be many really off the wall Super Bowl type trivia questions.

Here is #1.

Relative to the spirit of this forum (consider this to be a clue).....

Relative to the spirit of this forum, what happened for the first time in Super Bowl V, played in January 1971, which did not happen again until Super Bowl XXVI, played in January 1992?

At the risk of giving away too much info, the clue has something to do with uniforms.


Bill McD.

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Designated home team wore "roadies"?

Do you mean the traditional roadies (white) or that specific team's roadies (Cowboys wear white at home so the blue would be considered their road unis)?

Wikipedia says the 'Skins wore white as the home team in SB XVII, and the Cowboys were the home team in V but had to wear blue due to an NFL policy that the SB home team had to wear their colors. That was discontinued after SB XII.

Let's see, V had Dallas in blue over silver and Baltimore in white over white. XXVI had Washington in white over burgundy against Buffalo in blue over white. I have no idea what this could be.

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Shot in the dark: Nobody on the rosters with single digit numbers?

EDIT: I found a Colts plaque that seems to back this up, but a Washington one that appears to show two guys with single digits. Never mind.

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Somebody forgot their helmet in both games

Well folks, you were all right around it.

It had to do with their helmets.

The Cowboys helmet features a star, the Colts a horseshoe. It was the first time that neither team's helmet had any kind of lettering featured on their helmet decal.

Green Bay had a "G" in Super Bowls I & II

Kansas City had a "KC" in Super Bowls I & IV

NY Jets had the "JETS" in Super Bowl III

Then Super Bowl V featured 2 team helmets with no lettering in their helmet logos. This would not occur again til Super Bowl XXVI, when the Bills (Buffalo charging) and Redskins (Redskin face in a circle w/feathers) were the featured helmet logos.

VI, VII, VIII, XVII & XIX all had the Dolphins, which features a tiny "M" in the helmet that the Dolphin wears.

IX, X, XIII and XIV all had the Steelers, who have "Steelers" written on their decal

XI, XV and XVIII had the Raiders

XII, XXI, XXII & XXIV had the Broncos, which featured a giant "D" at the time

XVI, XIX, XXIII and XXIV had San Francisco's SF

XX had the Bears "C"

XXI & XXV had the "GIANTS"

So there ya have it folks.....new question coming down the pike, thanks for playing, the answers were awesome that you gave, and a few of you were right around it!

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