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Philadelphia Flyers Concept


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Never fully understood why the Flyers ditched those beautiful orange jerseys in the first place, so I made sure to bring them back. With that being said, I used the updated logo and incorperated silver into the design, not sure how it works but theres plenty of Flyers fans on these boards so I'm I'll be hearing from them..


C&C as usual...

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I do like the orange but it may be hard to tell what team is what with the white shoulders on the home. Also I would keep the original logo not the updated one. Good job on the league overhaul so far, Keep it up.

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One of my least favorite designs from your project.

I don't care for the silver in the way it's used. It really makes the logo look uninspired, and the piping is almost unnoticable in the rest of the jersey.

And to me, the Flyers template is a lost one, because it puts too much color in the white jerseys, and using white in the orange doesn't have enough dark in the home, if that makes sense.

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Might not want to use #21 Forsberg for long, lol.

But the flyers should stick with the orange, the black is just pathetic. Why do teams just come out with a black alt and then just use them fulltime? it's dumb.

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One suggestion: Lose the silver. I think three colors is enough, especially for this template you're using. Plus, the silver ruins the flow of the striping.

As much as I love the simple design they're using right now, I'd like to see something new for a concept. If it's a concept, why not try thinking outside the box?

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