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Colorado Avalanche, edged.


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Nothing Radical here, just using the edge template to add some mesh and some of the 'totally sweet' rbk innovations found on the new jerseys. which is to say, yes, totally waterproof and kinda shiny... lines shifted and stuff, just tried to keep the unique shoulder thing the avs have going while switching it up a bit.

Colours shifted to more of a Wine and slightly lighter blue... might look washed out, i danno.

Tweaked the main logo to reflect some rockiness in a nod to the past as well as the current rough patch.

Added the stylized 'C' from the state flag as the alternate logo (I'm anti-giant foot).

Obviously, Road and Fantasy Alternates (retro-ish) jerseys are coming, I just got the Home Jersey out of the way first.


(And yes, I realize the numbers spill over, I'm just not good at getting them all facing the right way otherwise.)

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I like the modified A. a helluva lot. though I aint much of a fan of the foot either, the C looks out of place, mainly because the Avs don't use gold (and there are ways to put the foot to good use, as I've found over the years). Heh, I wonder what your third's gonna look like.

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