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What's your favorite scoreboard?

Titanium Eagle

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I'm a big scoreboard fan (don't really know why, I've just been fascinated with em since I was little) and I wanted to know what you guys' favorites are. Since many scoreboards look alike, you can post your other favorite things about a stadium or arena.


Memphis Grizzlies (credit to the USRT [www.thesportsroadtrip.com])


More teams need to go white (OKC does it on their backboard shot clocks) instead of amber. It seems less dreary and it pops more.

Philadelphia 76ers

Big board (new for this year):


Old one for reference (taken by me last year):


Transparent shot clocks with the mini-boards on the stanchion (we had 'em first :P ):


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The Charlotte Bobcats Arena scoreboard is the largest scoreboard in any indoor entertainment venue in the country and features the largest video screen in use in any NBA facility. With no fixed images, the scoreboard?s full-screen LED technology allows an unlimited configuration of live and recorded video, scores, animation and graphics.

A unique, three-dimensional backlit cityscape above the scoreboard features the Charlotte skyline and uses a 360-degree projection system that allows the skyline to change and feature graphics such as airplanes and fireworks and night-time or daytime skies.

The scoreboard is 38-feet-high by 36-feet-wide, features four 16-foot-high by 28-foot-long LED video screens, and weighs 80,000 pounds.

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Quirk? How about the retractable field at University of Phoenix Stadium:




But then again, I'm a biased Cardinals fan...

I also love the 60-foot tall, transparent (perforated metal) logo in the north entrance/Gate 2:


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