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Top 5 nba uniforms !

logos are cool

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here is my opinion, but I am ranking in terms of my favourite stes rather than home or roads


1 Celtics

2 Kings

3 Pistons

4 Rockets

5 T-Wolves


1 Clippers

2 Knicks

3 Spurs

4 Bucks

5 76ers

I love the classsic green look the celtics have, the Kings I think are a very underrated set, Pistons made a great update on a traditional look, the Rockets made a great step forward, and thre T wolves still looks good to me!

Most of the ones on the worst list just bore me rather than being plan bad, but I reall do think the Knicks could come up with something better!

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1) toronto (great uni all the way around)

2) houston (anything better then the pj's. also a really good uni)

3) denver (love the colors)

4) minnisota (see toronto)

5) orlando (the team finally decided to grow up)


1) philidelphia (the name is 76ers not "sixers")

2) lakers (hate those two colors together)

3) clippers (stop being the laker's mini-me)

4) hawks (they can do 10 times better with the name "hawks")

5) memphis (lose the teal)

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1) Knicks (i'm a closet Knicks fan, so i'm biased a little)

2) Bucks (homer bias)

3) Grizzlies (they use their colors really effectively)

4) Bulls

5) Nets


1) Hornets (i miss the pinstripes)

2) Warriors (mainly cus the shorts logo's on teh back left leg)

3) Hawks

4) Magic

5) Suns

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Best Unis in my opinion:

Twolves White/BL- simplicity and a great typeface, with cool logos.

Bulls White/Red- Classic look, gotta love the diamond shorts.

Nets-  Great colors, cool concept,  love the celtic knots on the striping.

Detroit- somehow the new nike cut  unis make this old template come to life in new ways.  Love it.

Lakers gold/ celtics  tie- Not a huge fan, but  there are more bad then good, and these are classic...well boston at least. LAs gold was bold in a time of whitey.


Jazz- Oh my those colors are about as bad as they get, then they throw on some goofy mountains.  yikes. Almost as gay as their players.

Sonics- They had a great look, then go back to a terrible logo, and cheesy unis.  tisk tisk.

Clippers- Stale, cheap, and somehow more boring then their old  get up.   I dont know if they will ever get it right, but atleast try.

Knicks- The black doesnt work, the stripes dont work, the team doesnt work. they just dont scream new york to me.

Pacers Yellow-  I like the yellow, i dont like the pinstripes or the fact that they abandoned the other striping for plain navy, completely abandoning white which would make it ok.

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1 Spurs (even Danny Ferry looks tough in these)

2 Bulls (not incl. black 3rds)

3 Celtics

4 Portland (red 3rd jersey is NBA's best)

5 Knicks

25 Lakers (yellow + purple + pixie collar = ah! my retinas!!)

26 Rockets (y'all realize these are shiny? that's "gay". replacing "70s sci-fi" with "50s sci-fi" isn't a step up)

27 Jazz (dumb name, dumb colors, dumb uniform)

28 Phoenix (butt-ugly colors, made worse by all-OJ 3rd)

29 Hornets ("my name is Gumby, dammit!")

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1. celtics (pure class, from a team i've always hated)

2. pistons (current)

3. bulls

4. spurs

5. nuggets (current)


1. nuggets (rainbow skyline)

2. pistons (teal garbage)

3. pacers (pinstripes don't belong on basketball unis)

4. suns alt

t5. grizzlies and hornets

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