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FA Premier League signatures


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You did a great job on those gordie. The Aston Villa one is my favorite of the bunch. All of them are very nice

Could you please make a Juventus one? Their sponsor is Tamoil and their jerseys are made by Nike.

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Ask and ye shall receive!



Thank you very much.

I see you made the Normandy sig too. Good job, Steiny is probably going to wave that around on the WSF forums :D . Great job on both of them. I am going to use the Juventus one for the WSF forums

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Awesome work, Brian. You never cease to amaze with the soccer stuff. I especially like the ones for Arsenal, Everton, Fulham, and Celtic (duh!). Nottingham Forest's sig is pretty cool, too: I kind of adopted them during their FA Cup run this past year and hope they return to past glory.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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