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A Snake Logo I Made

Taylor R.

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it looks to me like you got the actual snake from somewhere else, and added the "NAKES" and copied and pasted the heads...i mean if you could draw that snake with that quality, then why would the other elements look as they do?

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Don't insult the members of this board by passing off clipart as your own. It seems like every 3rd or 4th concept these days is plagiarized.

If you did draw that, I'll apologize. But, as the others have pointed out, it looks veeeery suspicious that you can draw a snake, yet you can't figure out how to cut and paste only the shape of its head without making it look like a hack job.

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I don't want to turn this into a witch hunt, and if the snake really was yours, then I will apologize. But I'm now the 4th person to view your work and be struck by the same things, and none of us are collaborating. Which leads me to think that the 4 of us didn't arrive at the same conclusion by chance.

Moreover, when you preface your concept with the disclaimer "Havent Done This Before So Cut Me some slack [sic, spelling, punctuation, capitalization], then present a reasonably well-rendered snake surrounded by subpar... well, everything else, it makes the viewer wonder even more: "Why does the artist place such an insecure subtitle on his thread, yet the snake isn't too badly done? Despite this, he must think the rest of the concept is extremely subpar."

The discrepancy in skill level between the snake (good) and the rest (piss-poor) is such that you're either a snake-drawing savant... or you cut & pasted the snake for your "S", then cut the head off and used it as an underline for an MS Word font.

On the off-chance that you DIDN'T rip this off and this is your own work:

1. Ditch the all-head underline.

2. Find a font that goes with the team name and overall design better.

2a. Cursive fonts, like calligraphy fonts, look horrible when used in all-capitals - and no, I don't care what they do with prison tattoos. Still looks like :censored: - those fonts were never meant to be used like that.

3. Make sure that the color of the other letters matches ONE of the colors in the logo, instead of being close but not exact. The difference is perceptible to the human eye.

To answer your next question - "What's the big deal? Why is everyone so down about this?" - it is a big deal for a couple of reasons.

For one, the vast majority of people here are posting 100% original work, and are seeking honest, objective critique from the other members. Your "work" bumped someone else's creative efforts off the front page, denying them their chance for an honest review. Many of us on here don't have the time or the energy to go back through the 4 pages of new concepts every time we log on, so you scan through the 1st page for something to review, and move on. 4 of us have now wasted a ton of time and effort explaining why what you did is so annyoing.

For two, many of the people here are professionals who put food on their tables through creative graphic design. Cutting and pasting someone else's work and passing it off as your own is stealing, plain and simple. You're stealing from people like the people here who do this for a living, in addition to driving their efforts to the obscurity of the back pages.

So... refrain from throwing this nonsense up here again. For all of us. :mad:

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