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NIFL Jerseys


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Can that league even afford jerseys? I wouldn't be surprised if they just use those jerseys for the website and the teams just try to wear similarly-colored T-shirts.

The Drillers aren't on there but they're jerseys don't look anything like that. By the way why does this logo remind me of a certain team?


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Wild guess here:

You buy a jersey through their online store, they take your money and you never receive your merchandise.

The WFL would collectively shake its head in shame at the way this alleged league is operated.

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Yeah this sucks because Columbia got a team, too...the.....Stingers. Gah why cant they just chill out and take time when choosing the colors, logos, and identities for these teams? Who is doing this crap? The 6 yr old nephew of the league owner? or the secretary?

I am gonna go support the team and hope they dont fold quickly...but gah they could have done this so much better.

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No. Oh no. Not a team called the


When you hover over the Cincinnati logo, the city name is misspelled. And this is the only jersey that's different...why?


Good God.

It's actually Miami Vice Squad, if you look at the website.

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