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This is awesome.


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I think he is getting too excited over Big XII Football. After all the Big XII Champ was beaten by Boise State. :P

That said he right to ridicule the parent for too reasons. One the player is an adult now, if he has a problem with the schedule they should bring it up with the coach not have their parent write an anonymous letter (that is if the player is really the one with a problem). Second, how long has their child played sports? They should no they don't get time off, even during holidays.

That said he didn't need to go Denny Greene on who he was talking to.

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OB33's Coach Meltdown All-Time Rankings list.

1. Jim Mora-PLAYOFFS?!? (


2. Dennis Green-Crown the Bears (Link)

3. Herm Edwards-You Play to Win the Game! (


4. Dan Hawkins-This is BIG XII FOOTBALL!, I know I originally said top-3 but I changed my mind.

5. Jonh Cheney-I'll Kill You! (


6. Bob Knight-The Whip (Link, it's #5)

7. Bill Callahan-Dumbest Team in America (Link, it starts around 0:23)

8. Jim Mora-Diddly Poo (


9. Craig Esherick-Telling the media he'll pay to have a ref come watch a game with him.(Link, it's number 11)

10. John McKay-Saying that he was in favor of his offensive line's execution.

I know I'm probably missing some good ones, but these are the best off the top of my head.

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