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ABC Television Netowrk Logo Change


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If anybody can help me out, its gonna be you guys.

So im gonna say about 3-4 years ago, it came out that ABC TV was going to change thier logo. I remeber it was mentioned in USA Today, and there was a photo of it. Also, for some strange reason I remember Regis mentioning it on Live with Regis and Kelly.

The logo had the same abc font, but letters were all inside of each other, and the colors were a lime greeish and maybe an orange? it looked kinda '70s.

It got shut down pretty quick, and they stayed with what they've got

anyhow, i've been searching the net for years and cant find a pic...

does anybody rememer this, or even better yet, have a pic?

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Well, it's not the pic, but I think I found the story (or at least part of it) on usatoday.com:

ABC's Makeover: A new logo, 7 new series

July 18, 2002

At a meeting of TV critics here Wednesday, ABC unveiled a new look, its first in four years, that adds lime green, orange and blue to its familiar yellow scheme and tweaks the familiar circular logo. More important, ABC -- battling a 22% ratings collapse last season that has continued this summer -- is trying to spruce up its lineup with seven new series and some adjustments on older ones. ABC parent Disney's theme parks and retail stores also are being enlisted to promote the network's fall lineup.

Instead, ABC is looking for mass-appeal family comedies, dramas and reality series that don't challenge viewers' increasingly short attention spans. There's MDs, an hour-long Scrubs-like hospital drama; another based on last spring's miniseries Dinotopia; Less Than Perfect, an office comedy; Push, Nevada, an interactive mystery; and a comedy starring Bonnie Hunt as a local talk-show host and mother.

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Damn, we're so close!

That was the article! It was right as ABC was suffering, after millionare fizzled out, and before Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Grey's Anatomy came along.

I remeber seeing the logo pic in the middle of the article....

We've gonna find this....

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