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Blitz: The League "Custom Logos"


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Madden's logos have always left a little bit to be desired, for me at least. I have just seen a screen shot of the Blitz: The League custom logos (the ones that aren't their "official teams"). Does anyone have any screenshots of these separately (the image I saw is one of them all grouped together)?

Image below:


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I gotta say I am not too impressed with the Blitz ones either. Why can't the EA folks make logos that look like real logos. They have ones on Madden that are ridiculously cartoony (the smiley pig, magicians hat, hammer, heisman pirate) and some stolen ones (Oakland Invaders, OK Outlaws from USFL) but most of them are just lame. Blitz logos look more like tattoos or skateboard logos than pro sports logos.

The folks that made NFL2k5 are coming out with AllPro 2k8 and they say that there will be a lot of customization (they have to with no NFL licence.) I just pray they get someone who knows what they are doing to design usable logos that look like NFL-level designs, not cartoons, not tatt's.

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