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Shark for a day?


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Guys, I acquired the money to do something I only dreamed of.  I have a chance to be a San Jose Shark.  For $1000, US currency, I can do the following:

> Game day practice at HP Pavilion at SJ (aka the Shark Tank)

> Lunch with Sharks broadcasters

> Hockey game at the Shark Tank, complete with skating through that imfamous Shark head, teammates would include former Sharks (players confirmed already are Gary Suter, David Maley, with more to come)

>Fully catered luxury suite for the players at that night's Sharks-Stars game.

>Personalized authentic Sharks game jersey, including practice and game gear (players supply equipment)

It is set for March 28, and I have to decide soon to do it or not.  What do you suggest?

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Take it from a guy who's missed a few golden opportunities in his lifetime - as you get older you'll regret missing the chance to have had this experience far more than you will ever miss the $1,000.00.
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All the stuff you'd be getting would cost more than $1000, all the authentic game, and practice gear + the luxury suite.... add on the amazing memories that would come with it!

I can't wait to see pics of Kuhre 14 on the back of a Sharks jersey on the Sharktank Ice.    :D

Now if it was the Jays, I wouldn't do it, but that's only because I do it every 3 months for free anyways    :cool:

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To quote Marty, the dad from Frasier, "When you get to be my age, it's not the times you made a fool of yourself that you regret, it's the times that you didn't even try."


Coming home on a plane from Colorado, there was this thing they showed and part of it was about the Oilers fantasy camp in Phoenix.  It was in Phoenix b/c of Gretzky.  That one was for longer, 4 or  5 days I think, and a LOT more money, but it looked like so much fun.  They played a tournament, got home and road personalized Gretzky era authentics, meet and greet with Oiler greats, etc.  Awesome.

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